À bon port !

Nous sommes bien arrivés au Costa Rica, après 18 jours très intenses passés en mer. Heureux d’avoir accompli ce joli défi 🙂

Tout juste débarqués à Playa del Cocos

En attendant un récit plus complet de cette aventure dans un prochain article, nous vous partageons le texte de notre cap’tain, Robert, à propos du passage le plus difficile de cette navigation : le Papagayo !

« We planned our passage to Costa Rica using the papagayos which were predicted to be in the 20 to 25 knot range from the NE which would yield a close reach through Nicaragua following the shore then a broad reach to Punta Santa Elena in Costa Rica. In the afternoon of the second day the winds began but dead on the nose so we tacked out using the working jib on the club foot and main which gave us 25 degrees into the wind but resuming our heading we began to miss Punta Elana slightly.

During the night the main had be dropped as the papa’s kicked in. During the morning the next day a wave broke on the deck blasting the working jib tearing the clew track right off the club. Resetting the working jib on the jib track we lost almost 10 degrees of heading missing Punta Elena by a lot sending us out to sea. Two days earlier we were told of a couple who got caught by the papas and were blasted out 300 miles. The wind continued to build to 30 knot range and we were still beating into the wind and intense waves losing more and more degrees off the mark. Around mid morning I took the helm for the next 8 hours scraping every fraction of a degree to gain back our losses tracking every maunucia in the jib telltales running engine to prevent losses when the jib luffed. It was a suffer fest of blasting water in your face as the waves built higher but then a new texture appeared on the water off in the distance as it hit 40 knots of horizontal mist flattening the wind waves. The boat surged in the waves and real gains in degrees began to accumulate and we hit the mark but the screeching wind blew out the bearings in the wind generator and compressed the main mast step from the pressure which has to be repaired. It pushed the for deck down more than an inch cracking beams with all the shroud and stays hanging limp.

The young French couple crewing were real champs taking every watch with grit but did remind me as we lay at anchor inside Punta Elena bay that I did warn them that there was the possibility of serious shit and there sure was. They have a good story to tell! »

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  1. Wahou technique la description en anglais ! Mais on a bien compris que vous avez eu du serious shit !!! Quelle aventure ! On a hâte d’avoir votre version de l’histoire ! En tout cas, bien contents de voir que vous êtes sains et saufs à bon port ! Qué disfrutan Costa-Rica !!!

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