Bali, it’s over

Padangbai, here ends our Balinese week. Arrived on Thursday 9th of may by the public ferry from Java, we explored the secluded and pleasant facets of the island, following advices of our friends.
The program? Snorkeling from Pemuteran in the direction of Menjangan Island (nice since the corals are very preserved and colorful), walks in forests and between the coffee trees around Munduk and hippie tourism in the rice paddies of Ubud.

Ubud neighbourhoods

Finally, bathing and re-snorkeling on the neighboring islands of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida as we explore by scooter for lack of public transport. The great novelty is that we took out the tent for 4 nights of bivouac… at the top! Finally a bit ‘ of adventure ‘, away from the guest houses and our daily comforts.

1st night under tent in Temblingan, nice spot on the outskirts of a Hindu temple. With the forest around, it almost looks like the Franche-Comté 🙂 Only the dogs and the round of motorcycles (the two faults of Bali) will disturb this evening in the freshness.

Temblingan, green!

The next day will not be exactly the same mayonnaise: after 10km of walking in forest under the songs of the birds we reach Beratan by thinking of finding a corner of camping “signposted”. Anyway, we galerons, end up seeing a distant shore and we install it on the advice of a local.
Fog helps us stay camoufled until dark and we enjoy a big meal on the front (chicken skewers, peanut sauce, noodles and rice)!

Fresh dishes on the lake

A week later, after the parenthesis in Ubud that we recommend despite the number of Yankees, we find again the joys of the bivouac in Atuh Beach, on the island of Nusa Penida. The place is magical, a clear sea surrounding steep rocks and more a tourist at nightfall. It feels good!

Panorama of Atuh Beach

Yes but here, the sand is unsuitable for the sardines of our non-freestanding tent and the monkeys that rodent oblige us to decamper/re-camp a little farther from their forest end! It folds and ends up sleeping for a few hours intermittently, lulled by the wind, the sound of the waves and the cries of the monkeys who bicker.

Planet of the apes, the remake

The next day, after an invigorating morning swim and a walk, we go back on the road to the scooter-headed Kenlingking beach. And there, despite the incessant influx of tourists to the belvedère, we take a lot of eyes
! It is even more beautiful than the day before: the arms of the Earth surrounded by an azure blue sea where we can see even, by far, the rays mantas “fly” in the Bay.

Panorama of Kenlingking Beach

We attack the infernal descent with our big bags on what looks like steps (badly) carved in the rock and bamboo as a bodyguard. Once on the beach, Cléa approaches the rays mantas and Sylvain not really a fish in the sea for a penny splashout in the waves.
The night falls and we install our mosquito net on makeshift portents in bamboos. It is cool, the heavenly vault is beautiful and only the drum of the waves takes us out of our wandering lethargy every now and then.

Mosquito net on its luxurious frame !

Saturday, may 18 in the morning: Whew, the high tide did not reach our camp overnight:)

We bathe, go out, then climb the steep cliff. Penida tour is over… tomorrow, already, Lombok!

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