Flores, here we are!

On May 27th we board the “Medang Jaya 2”. Here we are embarked on a 4-day crossing with 30 companions in a dormitory covered with mattresses of about 35m2.
The societal experience is unique!

Lombok-Flores crossing sleeper (4 days)

The adventure consists of exploring a few islands around Subawa and Komodo on foot or snorkelling and visiting the famous Dragons.

Cold-blooded nap

In short, between two sun-set-rise, we sail in the more or less restless waves and swim above the Manta rays, a black-tipped shark or multiple colorful fish.
We’re thrilled!

Slalom at dusk between the islets of Komodo

We disembark in Flores with our “gang” of Westerners in the middle of a port full of containers and banana trucks.

Labuan Bajo simple and straight welcomes us for only 1 day and a half transport research to go to visit the east of the island. In order to avoid the plane – chosen by the majority of our European companions – we cross the island at the cost of many hours by bus.

One stop among many, on the road to Bajawa

A first attempt ends at the 13th turn with an engine failure that forces the driver to be towed to the village after.
This bus being the only one going to Bajawa, we multiply the transport to reach its destination, just in time to catch a glimpse of the perfect Inerie volcano at sunset!

Last rays on the outskirts of the Inerie

The next day to Moni always by bus, in the middle of forests, palm trees, banana trees, cocoa trees, rice paddies, small villages, along the seaside and the beaches of blue-green pebbles. We are always more winding roads. On the bus, we are accompanied by huge bags of rice, shallots, and chickens of course!

100% local bus and chicken

The trip takes place in an atmosphere of local music intersecting reggae and “experimental” music with a fast tempo Korean pop type (and we know Korean pop ?)

The island is incredibly green and seems to be completely covered with forest.

Arriving in Moni, we meet Alice and Elise two squid from the boat crossing who have outpaced us in the adventure. They encourage us to undertake the ascent of the Kelimutu even if the sky seems very overcast! We walk through a gigantic forest to the beautiful lakes, among the wild guava saats and with a few leeches stuck on the ankles. They too have the right to admire the view!

Sacred Lakes of Kelimutu

The next day we end the stay with a bath in the hot springs and a tour of the market, it’s lively and worth it 🙂

Moni Daily Market!

The sky is unfortunately very grey for 2 days … since that’s what we’re going!

Last evening in Maumere where we enjoy an impromptu concert in our bar, HQ of an evening, waiting for the ferry to Sulawesi and new adventures on the other side of the Flores Sea.

Improvised Blues in a Maumere Bar

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