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Just arrived in Bangkok, after 14 hours of train from the southern village of Surat Thani, we join Boon and his urban farm project Love Green Farm in the western suburbs of the megalopolis. He is registered on the HelpX platform and so we meet each other by this way.

Local and international volunteers are already here (Cecile, french, and Benji, german, both backpackers in Asia for several months), they are busy bringing to life the vegetables (tomatoes, beans, red corn …) and trees fruit trees (manguiers, bananas, papaya, jackfruit). They also manage the farmside areas such as irrigation canals, weeds and much more.

A parcel of the urban farm

We take our marks, help as much as possible and rediscover the basics of gardening, very different from our daily life in bicycle.

Transplanting snitching

We also enjoy unique and valuable exchanges with Thai volunteers who teach us how to transplant young plants, cook the famous Pad Thai and bring us on a tour of the streets of Bangkok.

Pad Thai, fabulous Thai feast

As the week passes, clearing and seeding progresses, we allow ourselves a few bicycle rides in the city centre and exchange regularly with Boon, our host. Here are the original questions we asked him 🙂

When did you start this project?

5 July 2018, with my 2 hands!

What motivated this green/organic farm project?

I want to do a clean food campaign for all life. I love the earth and I want to protect it.

What do you think about the nature place in Bangkok and about the pollution (air/soil)?

A lot of pollution here, we have only a few parks and green places to purify more than 100 tones of pollution a day. It’s impossible to have clean air and clean food in Bangkok if half of the people is still silent!

How do you deal with the difficulties to make plants and vegetables grow well in Thailand and Bangkok?

I do what I can when I can! I deal with positive thinking! This is very important to fight for the earth 🙂

Is HelpX a good source of volunteers for you?

Definitely yes, I just show my ideas. Then people read and think about it. If they like it they come, most of the time they are very kind people! The four of you have a lot of energy and a strong passion to build your mind and achieve your goal. This is very good for my own learning and encourages me to be patient to win this campaign!

How do you find other volunteers?

I have a Facebook page, a volunteer website, and I am in some online volunteers group. So I can post my ideas and my activities to invite them to join it 😀

How do you manage them?

I just talk to them, tell them what I want and listen to what they want. As soon as they understand the goal, everything is automatic as it should be! Looks easy but sometimes it’s not if I need to deal with uncontrollable things such as big rain! Haha

What’s next? How do you see the future of the farm ?

Plant, plant, plant, and plant as much as I can!  I see the future farm as a little forest that can feed people living nearby and be a model of sustainable agriculture 🙂

A big thanks to Boon and the volunteers for their welcoming and long life to the urban farm!

If you are willing to visit Bangkok and would like to participate in the project:

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