Japanese atmospheres

Following its reputation, Japan has enchanted us as it is full of mystical facets, endearing people and harmonious landscapes. Here are some atmospheres gleaned by Cléa to try to convey the flavors of our many Japanese discoveries.

As soon as we arrive in Kyoto, we visit the covered market of Nishiki, very different from those encountered in Southeast Asia, animated by commercial announcements and exchanges between employees across the shelves. In addition to the ubiquitous plastic packaging and typical Japanese meals (suchis, bentos, skewers…), it is above all the sounds of the place that immediately put us in the mood!

Nishiki Market in Kyoto

Very quickly we leave the urban areas towards the forests. There, among the huge resinous and their Arachnean tenants, only the chimes of villages, the wind and the streams pierce the silence.

In forests in the Japanese Alps

In Suwa, we discover the hot springs and the associated public bath. A geyser installed behind the tourist building just a stone’s throw from the lake, spits out every hour and a half its water in front of onlookers.

Announcement and show of the geyser at Lake Suwa

While we have often camped in the open countryside, we have also ventured into the city. At least to try local bars that broadcast the Rugby World Cup! Like this Japan-Samoa, on October 5th…

Japan rugby match, with a win!

The train, as in every country where we have been able to use it, is also of a special sound character. The villages are announced regularly but we still need time to locate ourselves. Fortunately the controller, very attentive, checks our destination and tells us the fare that will have to be paid at the arrival station!

On board the Minobu Express

Finally, of course, the temples that are innumerable all over Japan. Their architecture is splendid and the rituals that take place there are also impressive. Here is a ceremony that we attend by chance during our visit to Fujinomiya.

Ceremony at Fujisan Sengen Temple in Fujinomiya

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