A short time in Hidalgo

As a long-standing promise, after her visit in 2012 as part of the student project aiming to construct solar dryers and solar ovens “Mexisol”, Clea dreamed of going back to Ixmiquilpan and Orizabita, in the state of Hidalgo. And from Baja California, it is quite far!

Just arrived on the “continent” in Mazatlán, after 20h of ferry, we borrow a night bus to Queretaro then a second in the rug to Ixmiquilpan. 48h after our departure from La Paz, we find with joy in Iximiquilpan the Cruz family (Irving, Joanna and their two small Lia and Sam) then Maricela, Irving’s mom, who was at the origin of the partnership with the students of Perpignan.
The streets are crowded since Christmas approaches and we spend a wonderful week in the area with our guests.

We wanted to share two special sound environment atmospheres.

Ixmiquilpan market soundscape

Let’s start with the Ixmi market! Every Monday, the village metamorphosis to offer fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, clothing and other unusual objects. If the smells are less pronounced than in Asia, the colors are exacerbated and we find the great conventional Mexican products: Tortillas in bulk, (ji)tomatoes, chile, jalapeños, nopals, goyaves, mandarins, etc. ! All in a festive atmosphere and a sound of cumbia different at each corner of the street 🙂

Second atmosphere, in the village of Orizabita one evening of “Posada”. This Catholic tradition very rooted in Mexico consists in organizing a ceremony and festivities every night during the 8 days preceding Christmas Eve. The religious part in itself is nothing particularly exotic but the festivities are worth the detour! This is suited to a lamination of luminum guided by an accordion-guitar-singing trio, punctuated by fireworks at irregular intervals, then to a candy distribution, tamales *, local punch, coffee and chocolate drinks for all! The winter freshness is well and we appreciate this family and friendly atmosphere, so far from the dangerous or inseurical reputation that the country usually wears!

Difficult to detail all other fun things we experience in Hidalgo: Tolantogo and its supernatural hot sources, the mystical and revigorous “temascal”, the excellent meals always based on “tortillas” and (a little too much of) meat like the “barbacoa” and its cooking smoked under the maguey leaves … or a nice walk on surrondings of Pachuca !

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