Sailing to Costa Rica !

After 2 months of intense and very varied journeys in Mexico, from Tijuana to Acapulco passing by La Paz, Ixmiquilpan, Mérida, Tulum, Bacalar, Palenque and Oaxaca, 1500km of cycling and the double by bus and ferry, we are ready to take the sea !

Since our meeting at La Paz, in Baja California, appointment was taken with Robert and Milagro, his double mast veissel all wooden of 38 feet. Freshly retired from in Designer activites, he re-built the ship from 2002 and embarked on this adventure last September: from his city of Seattle, he’s sailing on the Pacific waters towards the Panama Canal and the Virgin islands where he plans to arrive on mid-2020.

We are happy and lucky to join him to realize the sailing trip from Acapulco to Costa Rica with our 2 bikes on board!
2 weeks of navigation off the coast of Guatemala, Salvador and Nicaragua who promise to be full of adventures and marine challenges!

The “main genoa” and “floating genoa” sails on the small mast (front) of “Milagro”

Arrival at Costa Rica is planned for the beginning of February, we’ll meet there Clea’s twin sister, Betty !

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