Pura vida… of cyclist !

While strolling through the streets of the Costa Rican capital this weekend, we witnessed a great stroll by bike riders!

3 years after the tragedy, they paraded in memory of the 4 cyclists killed by a driver on a thoroughfare in San José. Due to the lack of a cycle path, the 4 men were on the main road and were cut down while they were driving properly, an ordinary Sunday outing. The alcoholic motorist then fled and has only been given 7 years of house arrest.

A good reminder for us French touring cyclists: we must continue to fight for cycling rights and motorists’ duties. A good proof is the barometer of cycling cities recently unveiled by the Federation of Bicycle Users, only a handful of cities reach a score above average …


Starting with our old city of heart, Lyon, where efforts remain to be made to improve infrastructures!

On the road of Costa Rica, with reflective jacket of Grand Lyon 🙂

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