Soundscapes of Costa Rica

In between all exotic sounds encountered in Costa Rica, birds have a special place. Often invisible to the naked eye but no less talkative, we offer here two of their songs captured in the Arenal national park and on the heights of Turrialba. In the second part, a cloud of locusts occupies the whole sound universe, captured on the way to the Nayauca waterfall.

Birds songs of Costa Rica

As a human atmospheres, here is a glimpse of a day spent in the streets of San José (we hear a marimba, an instrument native to Central America), the Zapote feria then the nocturnal sounds of the Place du village of Tarcoles, last step of our backpacking journey with Betty, Cléa’s sister. Finally, you will recognize the atmosphere of training for women’s football, a sport very popular in Costa Rica!

A typical day from San José to Tarcoles

Finally we bring you not far from Limón on the Caribbean coast, where a large Creole population is concentrated. As you hear on a bus in the preamble, the Spanish accent is very different from the rest of the country or even mixed with other dialects and English. Another aspect of local life, the crowded evangelical church is a real musical show!

Caribbean atmospheres around Limon

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