Merci !

It’s now time to publish this message from France for all of you that made this adventure unforgettable 🙂

In chronological order, our thanks are sent to:

Johanna, Xavier and their children who gave us a perfect and benevolent springboard to start our cycling trip in Singapore

Bob for the first coconut water of the trip

Abdul for his humble greeting and our philosophical discussions

Kim for his cycling and cultural advices about Thailand

Boon for his great awareness of the environment, his warm welcome in Bangkok and the nice immersion in Thai culture

Olivier, Darin, Sovan and Haroun who opened their doors to utopia made in Cambodia

Émily and Liam for their unfailing enthusiasm during volunteering and their american/british wittiness

Petra who welcomed us without hesitation and showed us the way on the winding banks of the Mekong

Yann and Brieke for their wisdom, their positive energy, and their advices about bicycles mechanics

Rocco for his kind hospitality in the beautiful city of Louang Prabang

Sabine for her little dreamed boat perched around Ninh Binh and Quin for her delicious cuisine

Caro and Vianney for the Vietnamese meeting and the shared bicycle and pagoda trips

Bich, super mom, for her humble welcome and her availability in the whirlwind of everyday life in Hanoi

Ryugo for the nice moments of cyclist complicity and his precious logistical help in the heart of Kyoto

Jaqueline and Robert for the lovely stop at the edge of Lake Biwa and their secret cycle paths

Drew for his vigorous pedaling and his company in the Japanese passes

Rich and Joan for the very pleasant evening and their great humor

Kazu for his strictness, his kindness and his passion for land and culture of Japan

Takeshîge and Yoshiko for their kindness during our unusual meeting at the onsen, which led us to a beautiful sushi evening

Stephen and his companion for their patience despite our road mistake following gps and their wonderful autumn meal

Yuji and Aya for their ideal overnight stay after a stormy day, their tastes of cycling adventure, and their advice on the packaging of our bikes

Ken and Kenny for their haven of peace in the heart of Los Angeles, the good shared meals and their cycling tips

Steve and Erin for the nice meal and unforgettable dessert

Nicole for her energy in the defense of cycling rights and the beautiful Halloween evening

Judd and Victoria who simply offered us a corner of their superb urban garden

Victoria and the little family for the nice week spent in Rosarito, the thousand and one projects started and the real maple syrup pancakes

Andres and his brother for their patience in Spanish and their indigenous stories

Lizette and Astrid for the hosting on the heights of Ensenada and advices on the unmissable places in Baja

Barry and Pam who offered us an immersion in their community and invited to a frenzied Peg & Joker tournament

Nemo at Cowpatty for the improvised campground and our first coyote songs, well sheltered in his backpacker’s bar

Amélie for her good Quebec sense of humor and her shared admiration of desert landscapes

David and Margie for their Californian inspiration, their advices and their determination in all the magical projects they lead from one end of America to the other

Jesus of San Ignacio for his unexpected invitation and nice talks

Jesus for his spontaneity and his confidence, from hitchhiking to the camping at the corner of his garden

Tully for her multi-cyclists welcoming house

Robert for the beginnings of the adventure in the Sea of ​​Cortes, his confidence in our sea legs and the promise kept (even under the winds of the Papagayo!) to sail together until Costa Rica

The Cruz Pedraza family, Irving, Joanna and Maricella for the Mexican reunion, the cultural discoveries and the beautiful moments shared during Christmas celebrations

Ken and Erin for their hospitality, first stopover in Yucatan in their superb house, and the moussaka made of local market ingredients

Ursula for her impressive openness and the Franco-Austro-Mexican evenings shared in Tulum

Axel and Élise for their artistic spirit, their commitments and Mahahual’s memorable New Years Eve

Sol for her strength, her oaxaqueña poetry and her benevolent smiles

Chris and her family for their natural kindness

Eduardo for the delicious meal and shared dreams

Pablo and Erwin for the nice chat and the cycling escort on the slopes of the San José del Pacifico pass

Romain, Cristina and Sarah for the Savoyard reunion, their precious welcoming and their expert advices on natural wonders from Ticos land

Betty who not only recovered her bag but also her twin sister, shared beautiful moments of adventure from one end to the other of Costa Rica and whose enthusiasm never faltered even during watches of well camouflaged sloths

Sonia and Rafa for the delicious homemade chocolates, the nice discussions, the frendly card games and all the things learned by their side in the heart of nature as well as Nelson who helped us a lot during this volunteering

Charlie for his humble welcome before climbing to our last pass

Rolf for his advices in Las Lajas and the aloe vera offered to our burned skins

Thanks to all of you for making this trip possible, your welcoming, your advice, and your encouragement at all times. We are very grateful to you and very happy to have met you on our way.

Thanks to Gianito for the technical advice who allowed us to find the perfect bicycle for touring, which has crossed mountains and tides.

Thanks to Raph for giving us the first keys and solutions to create this website.

Thanks to Charles who brilliantly illustrated some beautiful moments of the trip.

Finally, thanks to all our french relatives and friends for the moral support during our slightly hasty return to Europe due to lock-down, the last challenge of our trip and undoubtedly the most unpredictable. Particularly Max and Alina who warmly welcomed us and shared two nice weeks of lock-down in Villeurbanne.

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  1. Wow! This is my first time to see and receive such a warm thank you, as well as to see a bit of your cycling adventure. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this all together. It is SO special!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic adventure. Glad that we could be a very small part of it. Sometimes I wish that I could do more, but we have very busy lives too. It is odd now because there are no riders passing through. Everything is on lockdown. Thanks so much for your kind thank yous.

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