Singapore-Louang Namtha

Our project will begin in Singapore on June 17, 2019. We will go up the east coast of the Malay Peninsula and then the golf of Thailand. We will pass not far from Bangkok then, if the monsoon does not block us, we cross Cambodia and go up the highlands of Vietnam and then North Laos along the Mékong.


We will then enter in China by the Xishuangbanna and head towards the mountainous landscapes of Yunnan and Sichuan with our minds focused on Beijing where we’ll arrive around October 2019, probably helped by some trains.


A second part of our trip will take us to the other side of the Pacific, in Mexico, where we will ride down to the Baja California then the West Coast before finally joining the Yucatan sometime in December 2019.

What’s next ? We’ve got the secret wish of finishing our adventure in Colombia on the beginning of 2020… !